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    I’ll Give You the Shirt Off My Back (AND the Jock Off My Junk!) 2014

    Alright folks, as promised, I’m starting my fundraiser for the Great Lakes Leather Alliance’s Titleholder Travel Fund today!  The fundraiser will run for two weeks.  The very short and sweet version of how this will work is that interested parties will make a donation to the Travel Fund via PayPal, and as my way of saying thank you, I will send you the available t-shirt or underwear of your choice from my collection.  For a much more detailed description, see below.

    The Titleholder’s Travel Fund

    Leatherfolk in the Great Lakes region have the opportunity to run for a variety of titles, including a Master/slave title, Leather Sir, leather boy and Leather Ms. titles, and a bootblack title.  The winners of the contests then spend a year as titleholders, traveling to and speaking at events, promoting causes, sharing skills, fundraising and educating people inside and outside the community.  For the most part, they’re doing it on their own dime, save what help they get from the Great Lakes Leather community.

    This little personal fundraiser is my way of helping to defray the costs of gas (or even flights!) and hotel rooms and greasy fast-food drive-thru dinners that titleholders are inevitably going to rack up as they are out on the road, serving the leather community and trying to promote greater understanding and acceptance. 

    There’s no requirement that you be into leather or live in the Great Lakes region to take part in the fundraiser.  Nor is it required for you to benefit from the work that the titleholders do.  We all benefit from the consciousness-raising and promotion of tolerance for sexual minorities, even if we’re not part of them.  To paraphrase MLK, Jr. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere,” and the plain corollary is that in working to eliminate discrimination and promote understanding of BDSM, kink, leatherfolk and the leather lifestyle, our titleholders are also indirectly working to eliminate discrimination and promote understanding everywhere.  By making a donation, you will be furthering those goals as well!

    The Fundraiser

    In the past, I’ve done this fundraiser in a kind of auction-style, but I’m going to try something different this year.  Instead of waiting until the end of the fundraiser and then declaring winners and sending out invoices, I’m just gonna do a straight-up FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED kind of method. 

    Tonight and tomorrow, I’ll be posting several sets of photos of the t-shirts and undies (which will all be tagged with and accessible via #SOMB2014), complete with a minimum donation amount for the items in that photoset.  If you see something you want, you’ll send me an email (to foxxxbear@gmail.com), with “SOMB2014” in the Subject line, and the body of the email containing:

    1) Your name and mailing address,

    2) The t-shirt or underwear that you are requesting (the pictures will have numbers on them),

    3) The amount of your donation, AND

    4) Whether you want your item “laundry fresh” or “FoxBear-scented.”

    Then I’ll send  you a PayPal invoice to your email, and when you’ve paid it (within 48 hours), I will prepare your item to ship to you and send it out via USPS flat rate.  (For international folks, we’ll have to talk about postage specifics individually, but we can work it out!)  If you request in your email to receive the item “FoxBear-scented,” you’ll have to be a little more patient so that I can wear the item for a sufficient length of time to funk it up a bit for you before putting it in the mail.

    ALL of the money you donate will go to the Travel Fund!  The (domestic) postage to send you guys stuff, the fees that I’m charged by PayPal and the time it takes to post and process all of this stuff—that’s part of MY donation to the cause.  (In case you’re wondering what the other parts are, I also got up on the block, got half nekkid and allowed myself to get auctioned off for a scene about three weeks back.  Like I said before, this is for the children!  THINK OF THE CHILDREN!  LOL!)

    So, thanks for your generosity in advance, folks.  I have a munch that I’m attending later tonight, but I’m hoping to have all of the photos uploaded by tomorrow morning at the latest.  Cheers!!



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    This is Cat Island. It is located in Tashirojima which is a small island in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan. With a population inhabited by mostly cats. 

    please take me there

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    Rentboy and Trans Pornstar Cyd St. Vincent runs his own awesome tumblr that you should totally check out. But the way he answers this reader question is spectacular and enlightened and everyone can learn something about how to fuck around with trans dudes. The reader…

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    me at folsom europe street fair 2012  :-)

    And that’s me and my husband on the far left! 

    and my Sir in the football jersey! #family

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    between me & my boyfriend, we have like every transsexual hormone

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    He looks like some kind of straight white boy mermaid

    iguanamouth PLEASE MAKE THIS A THING


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    SHIRT OFF MY BACK 2014: STARTS 9/12/14

    It’s that time of year again folks—when I simultaneously do two things:

    1) Thin out my closet (because I’m a t-shirt whore), AND

    2) Raise money for the Great Lakes Leather Alliance Titleholder Travel Fund.

    As you can see from the photo above, I have spent a chunk of this afternoon taking a bunch of the photographs of me modeling the shirts that will be available to those who want them.  Side note, my armpits smell fucking delicious.

    New this year, in part because of the large number of inquiries on the subject last year, I will also be doing some thinning of my jockstrap and underwear collection as well.  So those will be up for grabs, too.

    Said shirts and undies will be available in either “laundry fresh” or “FoxBear scented, depending on your preference.  Look for them in the coming days. I’m hoping to start posting them next weekend (9/12/14), so gather up any shekles and dimes if you want to make a donation to the GLLA Titleholder Travel Fund and receive your very own thank-you t-shirt or underwear from my collection. 

    Oh, and for those who are curious, all of the transactions are done through PayPal so that there’s documentation of what I raise and I can verify the total amount when I make my donation to GLLA.  Remember folks, IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN!!  ;^)



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    PartyBottom will tell you about two experiences she had with HIV health providers today: Last night, PB was sent this highly filtered Facebook post:
    ———- ——- feeling drained 11 mins · Unbelievable that my program, which serves transwomen and men who have sex with men, is being threatened with…
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    I caught him

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    A reporter recently interviewed me about going to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival in 2008, and here were my answers to her questions. I just thought I might pass them on, as they might be of interest, given that we’re in Michfest-arguing silly season.

    What was your general state of mind…