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    James Darling from the back
    photo by Dave Naz

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    Titter - August, 1943 - Merlin - they did like alliteration

    A MIRTHQUAKE of gays


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  5. i wanna go.

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    Boots & Bonfire in their hot Daddy / Sub scene for QueerlySF!

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    Are you a piece of art because I’d like to nail you up against a wall

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    To my (1)666 followers, thanks for being such a bunch of nasty pervs

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  11. i really hate that i miss you so much.

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    Hey kinky bitches!  if you are into leather, gear, bears, bdsm, kink or other fetishes, make sure to check out my blog and follow me.

    #gay #bear #hairy #cub #kink #fetish #leather

    ha, i know the guy in the blue rubber too. tumblr is a small world.

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    the magic button

    Watch as this kitten turns to putty.

    one of the things i love about cats is that if you raise them with trust and care, your adult cat can be just like this, too. i much prefer my adult cats, myself, but hey i was a kid once and so were they. XD

    that’s pretty much what happens to me when someone rubs my head.

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