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    Hey, remember when Ruckus and I fought over the last piece of pizza? Oh, lemme remind ya! It ended with hella cumshots and make outs! Be a darling and lurk the most redic / totally tender scene from bonusholeboys!


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  2. "The queer potential of dick sucking is about changing the play’s cast without warning. Any part of the body can be, become, or unbecome a dick. Any body can have a dick. Any dick on any given day can be not a dick at all. A body that determines it doesn’t have a dick actually doesn’t. We can toss sex outside language and still communicate with our tongues…Dicks can be hands, feet, faces, strap-ons, fingers, ears, miscellaneous objects. If the dick isn’t just, you know, a dick, and we have notions of pain/pleasure/service/consumption that go beyond the definitional, then sucking is a wide field of activity."

    How Many Licks, Janani Balasubramanian


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    someone get me this, i will love you forever 

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    New header for the blog.

    Such swoon-worthy material here.


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    Super concise and well-researched article on the Daily Dot about Fisting Day, featuring CrashPad’s Guide to Fisting! 

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    I just love this steamy photo of me and Andre Shakti. Fuck Yeah Indie Porn Revolution!

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    James Darling and Arabelle Raphael fisting at the Crashpad

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    My biggest sex toy giveaway of the year has ARRIVED. I’ve rounded up 37 prizes (52 if you count all the lube) and assembled them into 18 swanky prize packs. Like, this is some high-end shit, people.

    Enter here — giveaway runs through November 10th, 2014!

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