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    PartyBottom will tell you about two experiences she had with HIV health providers today: Last night, PB was sent this highly filtered Facebook post:
    ———- ——- feeling drained 11 mins · Unbelievable that my program, which serves transwomen and men who have sex with men, is being threatened with…
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    I caught him

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    A reporter recently interviewed me about going to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival in 2008, and here were my answers to her questions. I just thought I might pass them on, as they might be of interest, given that we’re in Michfest-arguing silly season.

    What was your general state of mind…

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    The Rules of SM
    According to Joseph W. Bean

    The bottom should always be recyclable.

    The bottom should always be recyclable. This rule puts as much responsibility on the bottom in question as on the Top. To think otherwise is to bottom to resign rather than to submit to the Top.

    The Top should always get something.

    The Top should always get something worthwhile out of the scene. This rule often means that the bottom will “pay” for what he wants by giving something he didn’t think he wanted. It also means that bottoms grow by learning to give this “something” to various Tops or at various times.

    Tops must acknowledge technical errors.

    If a Top makes a technical error, he must acknowledge it. “Oops,” is an inadequate acknowledgment! A bad whip stroke, a slip of the hand on the electrical controls, a wildly out of scale cane stroke or a knot that slips or tightens can be corrected with acknowledgment, but they never “go away” if they are ignored, (or repeated too many times). Without acknowledgment, every stroke is taken as intentional.

    Nothing begins to be SM without consent.

    Nothing begins to be SM until consent has been communicated however subtly or overtly. This rule means that Tops who swat and pinch bottoms by surprise or when no scene is in progress are assaulting them, not flirting with them.

    If you’re not in love, don’t do scene.

    If desire and consent do not lead to a kind of love, the scene is probably not going to work. Love can take many forms, but the very ground from which it springs is the demand one places on oneself to please and do what is good for the other person.

    Negotiate less to start out better.

    The less obvious the negotiation, the higher the step the scene begins on. ButÖto have the negotiations to be “less obvious” is not the same thing as having them never happen or leaving them so vague that surprises can ruin everything later. Still, be very careful not to over-negotiate. We’re talking about sex, not a corporate merger.

    If it’s not your scene, you can’t control it.

    If you weren’t there for the negotiations, you are not in control of the scene, whatever the invitation. You must never join a scene uninvited. That’s pure and simple sexual courtesy. Beyond that, you must always defer to the Top who started the scene you joined, even if he is very much your junior in any and every way.

    Always have a way out.

    Always have a way out. This is a multilevel, multipurpose rule that applies to everyone involved in a scene. It means being prepared to get out in case the scene goes bad, in case the Top goes crazy, in case the bottom freaks out, in case the Top dies, in case the cops come, in case the house catches fire—in case of anything. And this rule does not mean the bottom has to know how to get out before he needs it.

    Never fuck with your enemies.

    Never fuck with your enemies or play with your person-to-person anger. This rule only matters if you are not turned on by the possibility of discovering what is true about sex in prison. It really comes means never getting into a scene where you can not trust your motives or your capacity for self-control.

    If it isn’t working, fix it or stop it.

    If it isn’t working, fix it or stop it. This one should be obvious, but just about everyone breaks this rule from time to time, often losing fuck-buddies or friends in the process. If nothing else, it damages trust to break this rule and trust is essential to good SM.

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    Roseanne, Nightmare on Oak Street.

    This episode aired in 1989 and it still hasn’t gotten through a lot of people’s skulls.

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    Our buddies at FTM magazine have the best buttons


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    100% support torturing geek boy gatekeeper wannabes, A+.

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    SIGNAL BOOST THIS! Help Chess!

    From goddamnatheists -


    Please Help Me Save My Cat’s Life.

    Earlier in 2014, I rescued Chess from a poorly-kept, run down “shelter”. He had been crammed in a windowless garage with 200 other sickly cats. Gunk streamed from his eyes and nose. His body was extremely thin. His ears were full of mites. There was a large, infected cut on the back of his head. 

    Despite his injuries and obvious discomfort, this little cat had no problem happily clambering onto my shoulder the minute I set foot inside the place he had called home for nearly three years. He pressed his face into mine, and wheezed loudly in my ear. My heart melted, and I knew I couldn’t leave him in that miserable prison.

    Two weeks later, the cut on his head had healed completely. His eyes were clear, and having fresh food and water daily for the first time in his life had even put a little bit of weight on his tiny body. Every time I’d come home, he’d climb on my shoulder and greet me happily. Despite these positive changes, snot still dripped from his nose constantly. Every breath was a loud, uncomfortable wheeze. It became overwhelmingly clear that this wasn’t just an infection. 

    It was then that we learned about his secondary cleft palate. Basically, there is a hole in the roof of Chess’s mouth. When he eats or drinks, food and water pass into his nasal passages through the hole, and can become lodged, resulting in coughing, choking, and constant infections. 

    We paid the vet a few more visits, and the information we learned was not good. The only way to fix Chess’s disability is through a series of complex surgeries. There is no vet in my area that can perform such a surgery, so I will have to go through a university to get it done. The mouth is a dirty place, so reinfection is going to be a constant battle. Chess will also have to be fed through a tube for several weeks after the surgical process is over. My veterinarian is working with me to find an experienced surgeon at a reasonable price, but even so, the bill for all of this is going to be around five thousand dollars. 

    Chess has to have this procedure done or he is simply not going to survive. Continuing to live with this disability means a life of serious infection, poor nutrition, and severe discomfort, and if I can’t raise the money, he will have to be euthanized. He is a loving, wonderful cat, and deserves a long, healthy life.

    Please help me save my cat. He is a part of my family, and I love him dearly.

    (DONATE HERE: Help Me Save My Cat’s Life | Pet Expenses - YouCaring.com)

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    Jacob here. Haven’t posted my face online somewhere other than fb in a long while. But I know there aren’t a whole lot of older guys around here so why not. Been transitioned for over 8 yrs, post op top and lower. Happily partnered with the love of my life, soon to buying a home together….

    DUDE i am sure you won’t see this reblog but i miss you!

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    For Dodger Pup

    Sexy Sir

    that’s some intense ink

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    Lumberjack lil pup: yay or nay?

    Yay. It’s a lumber pup.

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